Twins DNA Test

Want to find out if twins are identical or fraternal? Insight Genomica conducts twin DNA test by comparing the DNA profiles of the twins and provide accurate results. The results obtained can be used to satisfy personal curiosity and solve medical ailments in the future.

Identical and Fraternal Twins:

Identical twins develop from a single fertilized egg that divides and develops into two separate embryos. Whereas, fraternal twins develop from two separate fertilized eggs and they may share the same paternity or have different fathers. The identical twins will share the exact DNA profile whereas the fraternal twins will not.

Results and Cost:

Our twin test is extremely accurate and will confirm whether the twins are identical and fraternal. The samples will be collected from both the twins by rubbing oral swabs inside the mouth for about 10 seconds. Our geneticists analyse the sample using the state-of-the-art tools to deliver results with accuracy exceeding 99.99%. A twin test costs $290 and the results will be made available online within 3 business days.

At Insight Genomica, we deploy an easy and quick process that can be done in the comfort of your home, unless you want the result to be used in the court. Need more details on twin test? Feel free to contact us on 1800 GENOME today!