Siblingship DNA Test

Sibling DNA testing is a DNA comparison between two or more alleged brothers and sisters. This testing is conducted to determine the statistical probability of the participants being full siblings, half siblings or unrelated.

Insight Genomica offers siblingship DNA testing that stands above all others in terms of pricing and exceptional quality. Our testing can help providing conclusive answers regarding a brother/sister relationship.

Sample Collection:

We will collect the samples for sibling DNA test using oral swabs that need to be rubbed inside the mouth and under the tongue for 10 seconds. Our kits include containers for the swabs to prevent contamination.

Full Sibling or Half Sibling DNA Testing:

The collected samples will be taken to our accredited laboratory where our team of experienced geneticists conducts DNA testing using advanced scientific methods. Full sibling test is conducted to see if both the parents are shared. On the other hand, half sibling test is conducted to see if one parent is shared. If you are not sure whether the father or mother is shared, we recommend performing full sibling test for $590 to get the complete picture of the biological relationship.

Why choose us?

  • A Melbourne company and team
  • Fast & accurate results
  • Accredited
  • Affordability
  • Convenient & confidential
  • Experienced geneticists

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