Precision Medicine

Precision medicine, also know as personalised medicine or preventative genetics is a speciality that encourages individuals to preserve their health by learning about their genetic risk factors earlier in life with the goal of being able to take control of various health factors. Insight Genomica offers three different precision medicine genetic tests; IGScreen, IGxome and GoExplore. All three of these genetic tests are intended for healthy individuals who would like to take an active approach to their healthcare. The presence of a genetic change associated with disease in your DNA will not change over the course of your lifetime, meaning that these tests are a once in a lifetime test.

As these tests are medical in nature and can have large implications to your healthcare, they are only available with both pre and post testing appointments. The pre-test appointment is to answer your questions about this test, to see if this product is the right health product for your particular needs and to arrange sample collection. The post-test appointment is to discuss the results, talk about the significance to you, your children and the rest of the family and to arrange a medical surveillance and management plan.