Demystifying Genetics – Matt Burgess

This is the first podcast in a series called Demystifying Genetics where I, Matt Burgess, Genetic Counsellor am interviewed by my partner Daniel Goodfellow. I’ve included a photo of us taken at a wedding we attended in 2016. Podcasts to follow will have me interviewing genetic counsellors and others working in or involved with genetics.

I mentioned how present day clinical genetics evolved from a reaction to the eugenics movement of World War II. In genetic counselling we hold the tenet of non-directiveness or not telling people what to do as very important. Our role is not to tell people what they should do, but to give our clients information so they can make an informed decision. A good comment on eugenics from an Australian clinical geneticist can be found here.

I published an article in the Journal of Genetic Counseling about my practice of genetic counselling. It can be found here.

I mention a study about ethical cases faced by workers in clinical genetics. The published article can be found here.

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