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At Home “Peace Of Mind” Paternity Test:

A paternity test is conducted to determine the likelihood that a man is the father of a specific child. This test involves collecting the DNA sample from the potential father and the child. The mother’s DNA is also tested to improve the chances of receiving accurate test result.
With the latest advancement in Genetic Science, it is no longer necessary to visit a doctor to get DNA paternal testing. A prenatal paternal testing kit from Insight Genomica can allow you to perform ‘at home paternity testing’ and get the results within a short span of time.

How Is The Test Conducted?

We will send you the testing kit that contains mouth swabs designed to collect DNA samples from the alleged father and child for analysis. Testing of the mother’s DNA is optional. The collected sample will be mailed to our laboratory where the DNA pattern of the child is compared to that of the alleged father. Once the test is completed, the results will be posted online as quickly as 24 hours.

Understanding the Fees and Accuracy of the Result:

The cost of home paternity test starts from just $290. We run the test cautiously to guarantee accurate results. As the tests are carried out within our accredited laboratory, you can expect the result with 99.9% accuracy.

We keep things simple for you and you are just a few steps away from getting results. All you need to do is to follow the below steps.

  • Order your kit
  • Receive your kit
  • Give your samples
  • Receive your result

Buy your ‘at home DNA testing kit’ from Insight Genomica for the fastest & accurate result today!