OneOme Pharmacogenomic Testing

OneOme Pharmacogenomic Test:

Pharmacogenomic testing is done to predict how your body responds to certain medications. If your healthcare provider wants to determine the best medication for you or want to find out if a medication is right for you, then getting a pharmacogenomic test can be the best solution for you! At Insight Genomica, you can order this test just for $565 and let your doctor identify which medication may work best for you. At Insight Genomica, we are proud to be a partner of OneOme.

Please visit for more information about this product. Please note this product can only be ordered by a medical professional or genetic specialist. Purchasing this test through Insight Genomica means you will receive a results report along with a consultation either in person, via telephone or skype with an explanation of the results and a review of your current medication in light of this new genetic information. The updated report can then be given to your GP, pharmacist and / or your specialists for your medical records.

Sample Collection:

Upon your order, we will send you a kit that contains mouth swabs for sample collection. All you need is to rub the cotton swabs inside the cheeks and send it back to us for testing. Once the sample arrives at the lab, we will isolate the DNA and examine variations in different genes. The process may take around 2 weeks after the receipt of the samples.

What Does The Result Reveal?

Our geneticists analyse your DNA sample and look for changes in one or more genes that can influence your response to certain medication. The test result will reveal out

  • Whether a medication can be effective for you or not?
  • What will be the best dose of medication for you?
  • Whether you will have side effects from a medication?

Purchase the OneOme Pharmacogenomic test today and help your clinician to determine an optimised treatment plan for you!