Maternity Test

A DNA maternity test can be used to determine the biological relationship between an alleged mother and a child. The test works in the same way as a paternity test, guaranteeing results with 99.9% accuracy.

At Insight Genomica, we offer both legal and non-legal DNA maternity tests at a price that you can afford. We utilise the most advanced DNA testing technology to help confirming the identity of the biological mother. Our maternity DNA testing starts from just $290!

Legal Test:

With legal testing, the participants should visit our laboratory in person so that their identity can be confirmed and collection of samples can be witnessed. The legal testing is useful for clients who want a proof of a biological relationship that should be submitted during court proceedings.

Non-Legal Test:

We will offer an at-home-test-kit containing buccal swaps which should be rubbed inside the mouth for 10 seconds for collecting the sample. Then the rubbed swabs are sent to the laboratory for testing. We will collect the samples, extract the DNA and issue the results within a quick turnaround time. Non-legal test is intended for your own knowledge and cannot be used for court purposes.

Have any questions or do not understand the procedures? Feel free to call us on 1800 GENOME. We are more than happy to take you through every step of the process.