Male Lineage Test

Male Lineage Test, also called as paternal lineage test or Y-chromosome test, is often conducted to confirm a relationship to the father’s relative. At Insight Genomica, we conduct this test at the cost of $580 and provide conclusive results with 99.9% accuracy. We perform this test by comparing Y-chromosome profiles on the DNA of the participants.

Purposes of Y-Chromosome Test:

  • This male lineage test serves as additional evidence in difficult situations in which the alleged father is not available for testing. This testing confirms whether or not a child is related to male relatives who share a common paternal line.
  • This paternal lineage test also provides you with the chance of discovering your ancestral lineage. In fact, the test has become an invaluable tool for the genealogists to confirm the genealogical research and to allow two or more individuals to determine whether they are paternally related.

How Do We Conduct Male Lineage Test?

At Insight Genomica, we have adopted a simple testing process. We collect the DNA samples using cheek swaps and complete the testing within 5 working days. For at-home DNA test, we will send you a testing kit for collecting the samples, whereas for legal implications, you will be sent to have a trained professional collect your DNA samples.

There are several situations where male lineage test can be used. If you want to get this test, call us on 1800 GENOME to talk to our knowledgeable DNA experts!