Immigration DNA Testing

DNA Immigration testing can prove biological ties of family members to the citizens who are sponsoring their immigration to the Australia. This proof of biological relationship is required to satisfy the requirements of Border protection and Immigration Department.



Matt is the only Genetic Counsellor in Australia who works directly with genetic or DNA relationship testing for immigration purposes. With his expert knowledge of genomic medicine and DNA testing, along with his understanding of complex family structures and extensive training in communication, Matt and his team bring a sensitivity and unique appreciation of the delicate nature of DNA testing for immigration.

At Insight Genomica, we provide immigration DNA test and help establishing the proof of a person’s relationship with a legal Australian citizen. We work with the immigration solicitors and their clients to provide the evidence of biological relationship needed for satisfying the legal requirements of immigration into Australia. Our Immigration DNA test has ISO Accreditation 17025 certified by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

Our Immigrating Genetic Testing Procedure:

For immigration DNA Testing, we will set up an appointment at our laboratory for sample collection. We will obtain the DNA by rubbing oral swabs on the inside of your cheek. During sample collection, an Embassy officer or similar will be present to witness the process and they are in-charge of sealing and shipping the samples. Once we have received the samples, we will analyse the DNA under a strict chain of custody using the state of the art genetic techniques. Upon the completion of analysis, we will deliver the result that states the probability with 99.9% accuracy.

Matt personally overseas each Immigration relationship testing case. Whether you need more information on our immigration DNA testing services or want to schedule an appointment, call us at 1800 GENOME today!