Genetic Testing for Immigration

While applying for certain visas to the Australian Government, such as permanent residency or citizenship, a person may be requested to undergo genetic testing to establish a genetic relationship. The Australian Federal Department of Home Affairs has endorsed Insight Genomica for such testing. Insight Genomica is proud to be a preferred supplier of such testing by the Australian Government. Genetic testing to prove a genetic relationship such as a parent child or siblings etcetera is usually conducted via a swab of someone’s check. Samples are taken for both or all interested parties and sent to the laboratory of analysis. A number of genetic markers are tested an analysed and the probability of relationship is calculated and reported. This is usually reported as the probability of the relationship is more than 99.999% or less than 0.0001%. A strict change of custody must be adhered to and once finalized, the report will be forwarded by Insight Genomica to both the clients and the Federal Government.

For more information about genetic testing for relationships for immigration purposes, please see the following link:

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