Personalised medicine

Personalised medicine refers to determining the most effective course of treatment based on the biochemical constitution of the patients. This approach depends on the scientific breakthroughs of an individual’s genetic profile, so physicians can select a therapy protocol that can ensure a successful outcome.

Personalised medicine has the potential to change the way how healthcare providers perceive and manage health problems. It also has a tremendous impact on both the patient care and clinical research, providing physicians with the ability to diagnose the disease at an earlier stage and treat it effectively.

What We Do?

Insight Genomica, a leader in medical genetic testing services, uses your genetic profile to guide making decisions in regard to diagnosis, prevention and treatment of a disease. We expand the use of biomarkers to provide a detailed report that helps your physician in identifying the molecular cause of a disease and developing precisely targeted treatments.

Insight Genomica’s Personalised Medicine Genetic Test Encompasses

  • Genetic testing to determine risk factors
  • Treatment intrusion to prevent disease
  • Early detection of disease
  • Accurate disease diagnosis
  • Targeted treatments for improved outcomes
  • Monitoring of treatment response

Personalised Medicine Test Helps Screening The Following Health Conditions:

  • Age related conditions
  • Allergies & immune disorders
  • Cancers
  • Heart related conditions
  • Diabetes
  • Reproductive health
  • Liver & kidney condition
  • Intellectual abilities & social behaviour
  • Thrombosis & bleeding disorders
  • Eating habits
  • Ophthalmological conditions

If you are interested to know more about your health condition, call us on 0410 462 889 for genetic counseling! We bring years of experience in the healthcare sector and provide genetic counseling to the patients referred by physicians through clinics, hospitals, organisations, insurers, genetic testing companies and laboratories.

Clinical Genetics Consultancy Service:

Insight Genomica offers a comprehensive clinical genetics consultancy service to support individuals and families in investigating their genetic conditions. Our clinical geneticists provide information about the risk of developing a medical condition and the best support to make well-informed decisions & plan for the future. We offer pre-symptomatic diagnosis of several medical conditions, work with your medical care provider, help designing a targeted course of treatment and provide ongoing support for the patients.

We provide a full range of diagnostic services for inherited genetic disorders, tumors, cancers, hematolymphoid and other genetic risk factors. Our geneticists are committed to provide the highest quality patient care and serve as competent consultants to our referring physicians. We perform advanced clinical research and provide training for molecular genetic pathologists and clinical molecular geneticists.

At Insight Genomica, our geneticists are responsible for

  • Providing consultation regarding the aptness of the testing and interpretation of the test results
  • Providing clinical consultation to the laboratory staff members
  • Assisting the laboratory staff in taking appropriate tests and meeting the clinical expectations
  • Ensuring that the results include complete information to interpret the exact medical condition
  • Providing consultations to the laboratory staff members concerning specific patient conditions

Need more information on our consultancy service? Call us at 0410 462 889 and talk to one of our experts today!