Inherited Cancer

With most cases of cancer, there is not a strong inherited or hereditary link to the cancer. Genetic testing for cancer used to be only made available to those who had cancer and who had a family history of cancer. Insight Genomica is able to offer a hereditary cancer panel including the BRCA1 and 2 genes, and the genes associated with Lynch
syndrome and Li Fraumeni syndrome plus many others.

Our gene panel consists of over 55 genes associated with inherited cancer for $450.

We are able to provide an assessment into whether it is likely that there is a strong genetic predisposition to cancer in your family, information regarding recommended screening and / or management of this cancer risk and genetic testing if appropriate.

If you have had cancer and elect to have this test, if a mutation is found, it may change your treatment and management by your medical oncologist, radiation oncologist or surgeon or other specialist. If you have not had cancer but are found to have an altered or changed gene, we are able to advise on what risk you are living with and what screening and management is recommended.