Genetic Counselling

What is Genetic Counselling?

Genetic counselling is aimed at providing information and support to people who have or are at risk for genetic disorders. A genetic counsellor is a specially trained health care professional who can identify your risk factors and provides clear information about the chances of being affected by a specific genetic condition.

Who Are Genetic Counselors?

Genetic counsellors are health care professionals who integrate their knowledge on medical genetics, basic science and counselling theory with their skills in genetic risk assessment and communication to educate their clients on a diverse set of genomic or genetic indications. They help people to understand their genetic contributions to disease. These professionals are employed in diverse settings such as public hospitals, community health centres, IVF clinics, university research facilities and private medical centres.

Role of a Genetic Counselor:

The genetic counsellors investigate the genetic history of your family, arrange for appropriate genetic testing, interpret the details about your disorder, evaluate the inheritance patterns and review the options available to treat your medical condition. They will also liaise with your general practitioner and other medical specialists in regards to your results

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