Female Lineage Test

Would you like to discover your maternal lineage? Have you ever questioned your origin? Begin your research with the female lineage test from Insight Genomica. With today’s advancement in the DNA testing technologies, we can unlock the secrets to your ancient past or determine your relationship to a possible maternal relative. In cases where maternity is in question and the mother is unavailable, this test can determine if a person shares a common maternal relative.

How Does The Test Work?

Mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA is passed only from mother to her children, but not passed on by males to their children. With mtDNA, we can trace your maternal ancestry and assist in charting your maternal lineage.

Sample Collection:

Female lineage DNA testing is a simple and painless procedure and you can collect the sample yourself with a home test sampling kit. Our kit contains all the necessary forms and instructions along with mouth swabs. Once we receive your samples in the laboratory, we will analyse your DNA and generate the conclusive results.

Researching your genealogy can be quite interesting. At Insight Genomica, our DNA specialists conduct the test cautiously and provide you with the result that clearly shows the migration path of your foremothers and a picture of your ancient family tree.

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