Family Reconstruction Test

Family reconstruction test is a special type of paternity test that involves comparing genetic material of a child to that of two or more close relatives of an alleged father. When the alleged father is not alive or available, his close relatives are tested to establish a child’s relationship with the paternal family.

At Insight Genomica, we are equipped to perform family reconstruction test where complex analysis are required to deliver conclusive results. With meticulous comparison and elimination techniques, our DNA specialists will conduct the test and come up with the accurate results as quickly as possible.

Sample Collection:

If the mother of the child is available for the test, we will collect the DNA samples from 2 other close relatives of the alleged father. On the flip side, if the mother is not available, we will collect samples from 3 relatives of the alleged father. After collecting the samples, our geneticists will conduct in-depth analysis of the DNA to determine whether or not the alleged father is the biological father of the child.

What Type Of Tests Do We Perform?

We offer both court admissible legal test and non-legal home test at a price that you can afford. Whether you need a peace-of-mind test or a legal test, we will implement the same level of rigorous testing methods to generate conclusive results. If you need to take a legal test, we will schedule an appointment for you at our lab or will arrange a professional to collect sample from your place.

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