DNA Banking

DNA banking or DNA preservation is a secure way of storing an individual’s genetic material that can be made available for future use. At Insight Genomica, we offer two ways to store your DNA for your own future genetic testing needs or in order to create a legacy for loved ones.

We can arrange for your DNA to be extracted from a saliva sample and either stored across several labs in North America for $280 or we can create DNA Banking Capsules for you for just $490 each, which you can keep!

DNA contains valuable information about every individual, from physical traits to inherited health risks. Preserving DNA allows you to trace your hereditary health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. The collected DNA can also be used for a wide gamut of genetic testing applications including ancestry testing, identity testing, health risk analysis and disease testing. Genetic technology is improving every day and in the near future there will be more and more tests that aren’t yet available.

Why Choose Us For DNA Banking?

  • We are experts and experienced in preserving DNA
  • We store patient data securely and keep private
  • We use high quality materials and the latest technology to manufacture DNA Banking capsules
  • We deploy a unique sealing system to ensure that your DNA sample is protected from contaminants, moisture and physical damage
  • Our DNA Banking kits are easy to use and include everything you need
  • We are affordable and can bank your DNA just for $280

What you receive when you choose Insight Genomica to bank your DNA:

When you choose to have your DNA extracted and stored (usually from a saliva sample) you will receive either a certificate of storage from our laboratory stating where your DNA is stored which you have access to at all times. Or you will receive a stainless steel capsule with your DNA stored inside which you can keep.

Want to bank your DNA securely? Call us on 1800 GENOME and order your DNA banking kit now!